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9 April 2019
Riga, Latvia
SEREN4 H2020 SC7 2019 InfoDay & Brokerage Event

Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are invited to present their pitch presentations addressing one of the topics from the 2019 Work Programme of Societal Challenge 7 "Secure Societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens".

The pitches will be selected in advance of the event following submission of a presentation proposal. Selection will be based on the presentations' relevance to the 2019 topics and the degree of general interest based on an assessment of the participants. The presentations will last no more than 5 minutes and should ideally be held by the entity that intends to coordinate the proposal or would like to be a partner in a such proposal. Please note that the number of slots available for pitch presentations is limited and that not all entries can be selected.

If you wish to hold a flash presentation during the brokerage event, please download the template HERE or from Resources bar (bottom right of this page) and submit your presentation to Mr. Mikołaj Pyczak with a final deadline of April 5 2019 (Friday). Presentations failing to follow the template and the instructions therein, especially presentations exceeding the allowable number of slides, may be rejected without further consideration of their content or quality.

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1 Krogus street
LV-1048 Riga, Latvia
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